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"Happy Go Blessed Me"

Hey there, I am Elina!
Bangalore based photographer & designer…
Photography is my hobby. Love to click what looks good to my eyes.

And being an Engineering graduate, it’s always been my heart towards designing!


“Elina is committed to her craft and embraces the spirit of excellence in her pursuit of shaping her creations. With such passion one can rarely go wrong in engaging someone in capturing their special occasions. Most of all at Revive Nations we treasure her integrity to her work.”

Pastor Shyju Mathew

Founder, Revive Nations

“When you see Elina crawling on the floor with a camera, you are almost sure she can go to great lengths to capture the essence of the moment into a lasting memory. Her pictures talk about the seemingly mundane in a vivid blast of colour and light, bordering on fantasy.

She’s a dear friend to us, but she’s also our personal favourite photographer coz she’s converted “Pastors” into “Poster-Boys”, “Mummies” into “Yummies”, and “Chintuklis” into “Cherubims”. She’s amazing, and well, so are her pieces of art.

Wishing Elina the best as she continues in her pursuit of excellence for the glory of God.”

Pastor Priji & Rashmi

Pastors, Bangalore Revival Center

“By the grace of God, we had a Beautiful pregnancy for past 8 months and we decided to cherish these moments for the rest of our life; What better than having a Maternity photoshoot which we can go back and Praise God for His goodness. Asking Elina to do our photo shoot was an icing on the cake. Though we know her for years and cherish her friendship she did any other professional would do. We are really happy & satisfied with her work and would recommend her to everyone we know.”


“I have had the opportunity to work with Elina on a few design projects in the past and it were a good reflection of the skills she showcases in her portfolio.

She has the ability to grasp the concept of what I am looking for and we are able to connect very easily. She is also very prompt with the deadlines, which is one thing I always look for in the Creative Personnel I work with.”

Kim D'Souza

Pastor & Writer, Kingdom Seekers International Ministry

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