Let me share with you a simple yet powerful revelation about the crucifixion of Jesus.

The Journey to the Cross

After His betrayal, Jesus was arrested in the garden of Gethsemane, and thus began His journey of excruciating pain and agony. He was presented before Annas and here no doubt He was not taken in any mode of transport, instead He was pulled and dragged till the courtyard.

From there Jesus was taken to Caiaphas and again from there early morning He was led to the Pilate. This means that the whole night Jesus was been dragged from place to place.

Further after His interrogation Pilate sent Him to be scourged. Here Jesus was beaten mercilessly. The pain and suffering that He went through is beyond words.

Then He was handed over to the people and was led to the mount of Calvary. Climbing a mountain is not easy. It was a long distance from the Praetorium to Calvary (14 stations on the way from the start to the end) and Jesus walked that walk bearing the whips as He carried a heavy cross weighing 30-40 kg.

Remember Calvary was a mountain it takes a lot of strength to climb a mountain with the heavy cross and that He suffered the crucifixion, so much so that there was no blood left in Him.

What Kept Jesus Going?

My question is from where Jesus got so much of strength, for although He was God, He was man at that moment. Of course by the Spirit of God, but in a deeper way what makes a human to endure so much pain? There are many perspectives on this but one of the aspects I believe is His love for you and me.

Genuine love often makes people forget their hunger, thirst, tiredness or even pain. They simply forget everything just to have that little time to spend with their loved one.

What keeps them going is the JOY being with the beloved.

And that’s one of the reason I guess it is written in the Bible, “The Joy of the LORD is your strength

When Jesus fasted for 40 days and came out of it, He hungered. Till then??? It was that Awesome Love that kept Him going!

When He suffered the horrible death on the cross of Calvary, He was in tremendous agony. But it was that Awesome Love again that kept Him going.

Are You in Love?

When we are passionately in love with Jesus, “the Joy of being in Love” with Him keeps us moving.

Let me encourage you my dear friend as you read this post, come let’s dive and get drowned in His awesome LOVE!!!